Automated Hydroponics

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Sharaqah, Braah
Zaid, Eman
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Hydroponics is a modern method in Aquaculture without the use of soil. It based on the water and nutrient solution. Aquaculture has many benefits, such as, including doubling traditional production , better utilization of agricultural and non-agricultural areas and more healthy. To this end, we aim to design a comprehensive system. This system helps farmer through continuous monitoring what the plant need. In addition, it provides what it needs. . Also, the farmer can see all the information about the farm by using the website . It reduces the number of farmer’s visits to the farm because it automatically carries out the day-to-day tasks of the farmer. Also, the system contain LCD shows the current temperature and humidity. It composed of different sensors, such as, moisture measurement sensors, nutrient solution(TDS sensor) and sensor for water ratio in the reservoir and grow tray . In addition, the system contains window opens when the temperature rises over the limit and there is a fan will turn on when the moisture rising over the required limit. The farm Also contain RFID security system if the farmer is absent and someone try to open the farm without RFID card, the buzzer will emanate sound and the system send a message to the farmer. The system is controlled by Arduino and powered by movable solar cells keeps track of the movement of the sun .