Warehouse Management for Musleh Trading Company

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Zabin, Tamer
Abu-Issa, Ahmad
Dmadi, Riham
Al-Hanini, Tasneem
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Food distribution companies faces a problem in their warehouses; layout, product distribute, inventory management and material handling, which increases the overall cost in companies, decreased productivity and customer satisfaction. Musleh Company faces a problem with having multiple storehouses in different location, that’s lead to increase the time consume in transfer products between the warehouses and that increases order preparing time. This work is established to create new warehouses to solve these problems, this work provides a different types of layout which was a solution for large quantity and variety in product, modern ways of material handing was included in these layouts and modern way in inventory management that’s include recording system, barcoding system and ABC classification. Also, product safety and human safety was taken under consideration in designing the layout. Data was collected from the company and then analyzed to estimate the capacity needed to the warehouses.