Al-Rehana Building

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Majd Jamal Barham
Basel Mohamad Hasan
Saleh Ali De'bas
Mo'tasem Tareq Saidi
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Reinforced concrete structures are one of the most popular structure systems used in our country, this project addresses the analysis and design of a reinforced concrete structural system that is located in Tulkarem, which consists of six floors having total required area about 2500 m2, each floor has two flats with an area of 421 m2.This project is following ACI 318-08. The framing arrangement and column locations of the building were provided based on architectural and structural requirements. The structure system of the building is a reinforced concrete frame with slabs and beam system. This project covers the design process in the following order: the calculation of the expected loads on the structure, the design of the slab depth, the design of the slab reinforcement, the design of the beam reinforcement for both flexural and shear, the calculation to check crack control, the calculation to check beam deflections, the estimation of the column sizes, and finally the design of the column reinforcement.The project will be analyzed and designed for both static and dynamic loads, the design will be achieved using two methods, manual (generally in preliminary design) and using computer program design modeling for the 3-D structure.Objectives: the aim object of this project is to make static and dynamic analysis and design for structural elements: footings, columns, beams, and slabs with different structural systems. The loads considered are gravity and seismic loads for the reinforced concrete. The program that used is SAP2000 program for 3-D model.
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