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Hussein Ali, Sherin Anan
Awwad, Ansam
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The Scholarships Office is currently doing everything manually by filling out the forms of the Scholarships and checking them if accept all the terms of the scholarship or not. The search for scholarship takes a long time. The project aims to facilitate the work of the Center and enable them to keep up with the development and technological progress. The project consists of two sections Website and Mobile application. Both will display information about the Scholarships Office and offer the scholarships to students or teacher. Any student or teacher at the university can register a personal account, so he will be kept informed of the scholarships that available in the field of his specialization. He will receive notifications in case of availability. He will fill the form for any scholarship he wants through his account. He can also communicate with the Scholarships Office. Through his account either from the mobile application or the Website. This will save a lot of time and effort. This will make the work easier for staff working at the Scholarships Office. It will filter all the forms for scholarships so that it will select the most efficient forms by analyzing the forms in terms of the cumulative average (GPA), the practical grade or the other.