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Project Summary Student name: Nour Ahmad Mousa Project name: Music Academy Location of the project: Al-Tiereh, Ramallah Approximate area of 11000 m2 included functions: an auditorium (500 seats) with backstage, 30 single play room, 25 group play room, 8 classrooms, 10 singing rooms, one computer hall, one pruva hall, storages, administration area, teachers rooms, music library, music gallery, cafeteria and music club. Concept of the project: In the early nineteenth century, Ernst Chladni added another dimension to wave experiments by sprinkling sand on a thin plate and using a violin bow to induce vibrations. The sand that collected along the nodal lines of the wave patterns painted clear and beautiful pictures of the various modes of vibration. That leads to the fact that sound waves and audio frequencies have visual patterns, so we can see small sand particles align themselves into different interesting patterns ( shown in the image above) which correspond to some particular vibrations. If we analyze These patterns we will come up with two main common features, the first is the organic lines in each pattern of different sound waves, the second is the modular pattern which is repeated in specific periods. Chladni's experiment approves that music can be translated into physics and maths, so I've designed my building in a way that reflects music on architecture, the resulting form is telling a specific story.. story of music. Construction method: Steel structure ( trusses ) are used as a construction method which is covered by a thin shell which is made from alucobond which has many advantages like its ability to be folded into any shape and its lightweight.