Bon Appetite

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Khatatba, Rola
Abdoh, Shuaa
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With the evolution of technology, all information and data are getting more available and easy to find every day. Moreover, with the advancement in artificial intelligence, systems can now be customized to further fit what the user likes and give him the best experience. And food/cooking filed is one of those domains where you can apply this knowledge. This project is aimed at anyone who is interested in food and cooking, it stores a lot of recipes from different types/cuisines with all their details. It also gives a social scope and a space for users to interact with each other by rating the other users’ recipes, following each other and posting their own recipes. The search is not only done by name, but the user can customize his search to his preferences to filter the results. In addition to that, a recommendation system – built with fuzzy logic artificial intelligence is embedded within the application, where it takes the user’s rates and following list to give him new suggestions of recipes he would like. This application is implemented in react native, on android platform. And with firebase as a server.