Propeller display

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Amer, Reem
Salahat, Shurooq
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This project is a special kind of circular LED display which mainly emphasizes on POV (Persistence of Vision) technology. We are trying to take the advantage of this project such as power saving and attractiveness to make an exciting advertising board could be useful as educational and entertainment method for children. The main aspect of this project that it could be applied as clock, date viewer or any string we want. In addition to these, it could be used in shops to attract people, museums and in any place which needs it. This project is developed before but we are trying to develop it again by learning from others work and their effort to build a product that will at least be competitive to other existing products, so we build it with more features, first of all, the vision will be three dimensional(3D). Secondly, the forms that we want to display on the board will be changed dynamically based on data received by user. Thirdly, Bluetooth communication protocol will be used as a way of communication between the user and the board. As we said before the propeller kit is a linear array of LEDs that rotate in a circular shape at high speed and special angle, so by keeping all LEDs synchronized and keeping all rules of POV in mind, the form will actually start to appear for user as a steady display pattern. We are planning to use Arduino kit and all other needed electronic components.