Pharmaceutical Factory

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Saleh, Suha
Ghannam, Abeer
Melhem, Lana
Qaroot, Rula
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Health and education are two main keys in any strategy plan. This assures the importance of all institutes that belongs to those sectors. This project is addressing evaluation and design of Pharmaceutical Factory which located in Nablus. The importance of such facility assure the need of considering all the surrounded environmental conditions including humidity, ventilation, and lighting beside the serviceability of architecture and structural parts. Especial requirements of the facility and site were highlighted. This project includes designing all components of the center; architecture, structure, and environment. Firstly, the architecture component was addressed considering the requirements of the surrounded and internal environments. Later on, the structure design of all components of the complex conducted including slabs, beams, columns, and footing using available commercial software such as SAP2000, ETABS, etc. However, the environmental aspects were included in all other components as architecture and structure, and extended toward the process of operation to be friendly with the surrounded environment.