Bearing Capacity of soil Comparison between Field and Lab Tests

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Ameed Hamarsheh
Mohmmed Sbaih
Amjad Al-Hasan
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In general, this project presents evaluation of bearing capacity of silty clay soil and comparing the results between field and laboratory tests. The field test available in our country is plate bearing test and the laboratory test that is suitable and easy to perform is unconfined compression test. The bearing capacity is the potential of soil to hold the forces from super structure without excessive settlement, such as, the foundation of the structure, highways and other infrastructure, so knowing bearing capacity is very essential for geotechnical engineering  Chapter Two describes the basic concept of bearing capacity, philosophy of settlement, effect of stress on the soil and the mathematical equations to calculate the bearing capacity of the soil. In addition to that, this chapter describes the most common field tests that use to calculate bearing capacity. Chapter Three summarizes the main elements of soil mechanics, such as shear strength and cohesion of soil. It defines the cohesion, angle of friction, characteristics of soil and clarify the shear strength of soil. Moreover, identifying empirical equations which are used for calculating the shear strength of soil. This chapter ends by describing some of lab test related to shear strength. Plate bearing test which the field test that will be perform in this project is described and reviewed in Chapter Four.  Plate bearing test is according to ASTM D1194 specifications.  This specification describes the dimension and characteristics of the plate bearing test and the methodology applied to this test. Chapter Five presents, describes and discusses the results of field test, which is plate bearing test and lab tests which are unconfined compression test and Atterberg limits tests. Comparisons of the results between field and lab tests are presented in Chapter Six. This chapter also shows the relation between the values of lab and field tests.                 
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