Integrated Design Of Fuel Station

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Ghannam, Ali
Azoqa, Morad
Alhaj, Majd
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The project presents an integrated design for a fuel station, it locates in the southernwest part of Nablus (Qalqilya – Nablus Street). The significance of project come from that there is no fuel station like our project in this part of city. Moreover, this project is unique; in terms of function, it included a supermarket, (ATM) and a coffee which provides good rest of passengers in emergency cases. The design of the project covered architectural, environmental, electromechanical, safety and structural aspects and find a good solution for these aspects. The objective of the report is studying the influence of the architectural and environmental features that could affect our fuel station design. In terms of methodology this project preceded a desktop research for the literature review. Two case studies illustrated in order to see how such station work. Then, site analysis for our land will be done. Finally; determined the architectural program for the project and prepared the schematic Architectural, environmental and structural drawings. There are many fuel station in Palestine but this one is different in terms of size and function as mentioned above.