Strengthening of Al-Yasmeen Building against gravity and seismic loads using FRP technique and jacketing

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Amro Nather Mohammad Nassar
Huda Loai Yahya
Mohammad Hakam Assi
Mohammad Maher Jaradat
Raghad Abdel-Salam Owaidat
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Al-Yasmeen Building " is located in Nablus city. It's a building of six floors; and will be used as residential building of partition walls and area equals 700 m2 for one floor. It's useful for both educational and practical hand to assess this project. In addition, it will be a chance to learn seismic design of structures and the ability to be familiar with the design codes.Furthermore, we can apply our knowledge in engineering in realistic problems to apply what we have learned. In the first phase of the project, we made a full assessment of the building for gravity loads to verify strength, serviceability and stability, put the expected loads on the structural elements and dis analysis of structure to find internal forces, and make sensual and analogical checks on the results. To assess the structure statically, we put the load that represents the project usage, analyzes it and made sensual checks on analysis results. To assess this project, we will make the representative model of structure that reflects reality as built as much as possible, and at the same time to comply with configuration of seismic design of structures. We need to analyze a 3D structural model for building under static and dynamic loads using ETABS 16.1 software based on IBC2012.  In the final phase of the project, the existing building will be designed for seismic loads then improvement of failure elements (columns and beams) will be made. Improvement shall include FRP and concrete jacketing with their corresponding illustration drawings.
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