Toqan building

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Hasan Sheikh Ibraheeem
mohammd Sheikha
malek khateeb
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 Toqan building is fourteen stories of reinforced concrete building located in Nablus city, the elevation of each story 3.3 m, to be used for commercial goods and basement floor of 4 m height to be used for garage and storage.         In this project we will study the building from mainly structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical points of view. We will perform complete analysis for the building under static and dynamic loads and then prepare detailed design. The structural part of the project will consist of: 1. Static design: in this part we will study the loads and stresses that the structural elements are subjected to, due to the gravity loads and then the appropriate design of the structural elements will be performed.   2. Dynamic design: here we will analyze and study the structure under dynamic loads, such as earthquakes. Then the best design that saves structure from failure under seismic loads will be selected to improve the safety requirements.   3. Structural modeling: It is one of the most important steps in structural design of buildings. It is the process at which the physical structure is represented by mathematical model that can be analyzed and designed. The more it becomes closer to reality the design will be safer and more economic.