Smart Baby’s Cot

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Njwan, Fatimah
darawsheh, Bisan
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Parents of today’s generation are often busy in their professional life. This demands a requirement to develop a new low cost indigenous infant safety system based smart cot system. Since existing cradles are very expensive, this project presents the design and implementation of a low cost infant safety Smart Baby’s Cot System that not only swings automatically when baby cry is detected, but also deals with weather conditions like rainy and too sunny conditions. For this, it incorporates a cry detecting and analyzing system which detects the baby cry and accordingly the cradle swings, and it has a cover that opened automatically when the sensor sense the unusual weather conditions . Furthermore, the system has an inbuilt sensor that senses the condition when the baby’s diaper is wet and sends an alert SMS message to the parent’s or the caretaker. This is an important something to keep the baby in hygienic environment. This project uses high sensitivity sound sensor and is fixed within the cradle and it senses the baby’s cry sound and actuates the motor