Integrated Design for Nablus Municipality

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Monjed daraghmeh, Mahmoud
Methqal Daraghmeh, Ibrahem
Harbi Bekawi, Saif-Aldeen
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Nablus municipality project with two separate blocks almost and two floors of basements in a vital area in the city of Nablus, a little away from the city center in an area with a relatively high traffic s, as the facility aims to improve the ability to provide services to citizens in the fullest, easily and quickly, as each floor of the municipality was unique in type of functions. The main aim of the design is to establish a high-quality municipality building and an integrated design between the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines, as the architectural aspect has been carefully studied and the design modified to conform to the required international standards and specifications, and the structural design consists of drop beams, large span and share walls in addition To the environmental design that cares about the comfort of the citizen in terms of lighting, sound and heat in the space. The design and modeling process will take place over the course of two semesters, where the demands are divided into two phases, where they refer to the international specifications and the literary review that pertains to each phase. The programs will be used in analyzing and designing are AutoCAD Revit, SAP2000, ETABS, Design builder, Dialux and EASE. Although there is an existing building for the municipality of Nablus that provides services to citizens and is located in the city center, this project is characterized by combining architectural aesthetics with the physical and psychological comfort of citizens and employees and also contains facilities not available in the current building such as a cafeteria and theater in addition to focusing on the environmental aspect of the project