Youth Recreation Center

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Ameed Amer
Aya Khalid
Lama Dahboor
Morad Jararah
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Our society is dominated by young people; they are valued members of society and should be recognized for the contribution they could make. Providingleisure activities for the youth would create competition spirit among them, motivate their hard work and give them the entertainment they need. Overall, leisure activities would affect them positively in many aspects. Accordingly, our research focuses on the design of Youth Centers. We strongly believe that the importance of this project comes from the need of young people like us, as it would offer a tremendous activities provided at the same place; a pleasant precedent in the city of Nablus.   Recreation places for youth in Nablus, when available, are limited usually to one type of activities as sports  .Based on the need for more comprehensive recreation spaces targeting young people, our project aims basically at providing a safe place that includes a variety of recreation activities as bowling center, cinema and multipurpose sport hall among other facilities.  To brief our objectives, entertainment is the main reason in such place, where safety, comfort and diversity are pinpointed as well. By the course of our research, we will make sure that our project corresponds with the different design and engineering standards, this demands collecting and employing convenient research data that serve our objectives. Other design considerations are also coverd: as the project area to be capable of containing a large number of young people, the location of the site to be easily accessible by public transportation and adjacent to youth gathering as universities and high schools, and providing outdoor and indoor activities that would be appropriated all year long.  
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