Ball Tracking & Collecting Robot

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Razan, Kiwan
Sumaya, ALkhateeb
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The major drawback in today’s surveillance rests on the involvement of human operators which can easily be distracted, so we need a system which can autonomously monitor regions continuously, making decisions while identifying unwanted or obnoxious things and respond accordingly. Object tracking using computer vision is crucial in achieving automated surveillance. Our project aims to use the methodology of object tracking in order to collect such objects. Here, we’re interested in collecting balls. The robot can track the ball depending on its color or shape. We are interested of two types of ball which have different colors and shapes, the Tennis and Tennis Table balls. This robot for example can be used in Tennis Courts to collect the balls that fall during the game and also near to the tennis table. We are going to use Raspberry Pi as micro-controller for this project as it gives great flexibility to use Raspberry Pi camera module. And we will need to use OpenCV library, for image processing and analysis. We’re going to add an arm to catch the ball and return it to its place.