Structural Design and Surveying of Quantities of Law and Media College at An-Najah National University Nablus

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Mulook Ameen Ahmad Shqeqat
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The Faculty of Law and Media is located at An-Najah National University in Nablus ,which is established to solve the problem of crowding in the College of Arts and to improve the academic ability of the university with high standards , which in turn will contribute in the prosperity of the university in the long term . This project which is built and recently opened , consists of a basement floor , ground floor , and five top floor , with a total area of (1303.6 ) . The basement consists of stores and computer Labs , storage , control  room with an area of (1303.6 )  . Ground floor has a large and small classrooms with micro teaching lab with an area of  (554.32 ) . First floor has a large and small classrooms with psychology lab with an area of ( 554.32) . Second floor has a large and small classrooms with education technology lab with an area of (554.32 )  . Third floor has large classrooms with Dean Office , waiting and meeting halls with an area of (554.32 )  . Fourth and Fifth have open offices space with an area of (554.32 )  .             Structural models will be analyzed and designed  using computer software (SAP2000 14), and the results will be checked by hand calculations. In addition , AutoCAD will be used to draw sections and details . And finally a calculation for quantities of steel reinforcement, concrete and formwork will be prepared . The Structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318-11 .  
, .   (1303.6) .   (1303.6) , (554.32) , (554.32) ,    (554.32) ,  (554.32) ,    (554.32) .   (SAP2000 14 ) , , .    ACI 318-11.