Color Tracking Car

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Yamien, Shaima
Haj Ali, Amani
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We need the new technologies to make the life easier, trying and making inventions will save our time and effort. We chose our project (Color Tracking Car) to make a robot car that moving depends on different commands from a mobile application through a Bluetooth that controls the car. When the car receives the command (Go To Red Street ) from the mobile application, it will move on the red street when the color sensors read the values of the red , green and blue colors of the red street, if the red value is the smaller between the values, the car will move on the street until it reaches the end of the red street , then the car will turn in the opposite direction and go back in the same way, then the car will wait the next commands from the mobile application to continue moving on the street that has a different color , and the same thing for the blue and green streets. Also, the car avoids any obstacle it will founds on it's way on the street, when the ultrasonic sensor founds an object away from the car depends on a distance we determined.