Design of Alashqar mall

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Eman abu jazar
Saja Shukri Issa
Noor Ghyropeah
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Tulkarm has played an important role in modern life of the Palestinians due to its importance in the residential ,educational and commercial aspects. many important projects have been constructed in this city such as Al- ashqar mall. In this project ,we are going to design the building of Al- ashqar mall for gravity and seismic loads which is located near Al Qaroot gas station. the building is proposed of three basements (with area 1133.861 𝑚2& height of 3 m) , first floor (with 972 𝑚2 area & height of 4 m) , five floors (with area 972 𝑚2 & height of 3 m). In this project ,we are supposed to learn how to assume the preliminary dimensions of slabs , beams ,column and any structural element will be used in this building and design different part (beams , columns and slabs)to resist gravity loads such as dead ,super imposed, snow and live load also to resist lateral loads such as seismic load . The main objective of this project that to be able to design the building with all its parts to resist static and dynamic loads taking into consideration the engineering standards and realistic constraints including economic ,environmental ,sustainability , manufacturability ,ethical , safety and political. The design will be according to this codes and specifications UBC 97 & ACI318-14 and we will use ETABS 2016 to model and design this project and compare the results from program with our manual calculations and do checks to make sure that the building is stable and the building is correctly modeled.