Energy Saving in West-Bank Palestine: Faqqua Association Cooperative Consumer-Jenin as Case Study

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Abdullah, Qadomi
Ahmad, Yassin
Yazan, Rashed
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The importance of this project is to reduce the use of electricity due to the recent rise in prices in the West Bank-Palestine. Reduce the use of electricity by using renewable energy resources such as solar energy. The researches in this project about renewable energy buildings have good results by improving the efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction and the cost. In this project, a shopping center building in Faqqua-Jenin use solar energy system (PV system) was used to study the PV system and to determine the effect of this system on the building and what the building need to save more energy. The data before and after PV system in the building was analyzed by using Excel sheet to study. The analysis was studied after one year of PV system installation. The building consumes high energy before installing PV system from the grid at one year. After installing PV system, the building becomes to save 73% at one year of the consumption before installing PV system. The payback period of the initial cost and maintenance is around eight years. The building use fluorescent lighting. To save more energy in the building, fluorescent lamps were suggested to change into LED lamps. This procedure saves 10% in addition the saving of PV system. Nine panels were suggested to add on the system in the building to save the rise of energy and has self-sufficient. The payback period of the PV system and the suggestions is around seven years. Other suggestions were mentioned in the report. From these results, the PV project and the suggestions are considered successful.