Sensor Controlled Animatronic Hand

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Ghaleb Dweikat
Hassan Arafat
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Animatronics is a rapidly improving field of research with many published papers and even more prototypes and real life applications all over the world (And outside of it, in space). As a result of our project, we come out with a solid prototype of an Animatronic Hand that is capable of the basic human hand finger movements and is controlled through readings from a LEAP motion sensor. A camera is also placed near the hand from an angled top view and the stream is directed to an android phone that is capable of reading the stream and viewing it on the screen in a VR fashion. The Animatronic Hand design we used depended on a core body made from an Electrical Circuit Board cut to shape and then profile grinded to fit the fingers and servo motors perfectly. The fingers themselves were crafted from Split Loom electrical tubes that were cut in V shapes where the phalanges joints should be to provide movement and Fishing Line was used to connect the distant phalanges to the servo motors. We used a new idea as well to further improve the movement potential of the animatronic hand and that was implanting Solenoids in each phalanx and these solenoids will have a nail inside the hollow part that is linked to the fishing line we used and that allows the solenoid to obstruct the movement of the fishing line and therefore prevent it from pulling further phalanges which provides a whole new set of possible movements for the fingers. The results were very promising yet much is yet to be desired. We managed to get our prototype up and running with the basic movements and the LEAP control system but the Solenoids we acquired were not powerful enough to do the job effectively and they kept overheating and that forced us to abandon the idea for the time being but we will sure be looking into better ways to optimize it in the future.
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