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Salman, Ayat
Kusa, Nowwar
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With advances in propulsion and sensing components, there is an increasing benefit in evolving underwater robots that handle and drive themselves same like a real fish. Those robots known as autonomous robotic fish, those robots play a vital role in understanding the fish mechanism swimming. By the supplying of communication abilities and sensing, they could be a samplers in the watery environments. Simplified model of the robotic fish is proposed. A discussion of some of the major challenges in the process of creating an autonomous robotic fish will be shown in this report. Those challenges including the best location and sensing under water, running with minimal human intervention and handling obstacles. Then some possible solutions for those challenges are presented in a way to be a reference for developing more robotic fish in the future and to be used in researches. Also this fish will be developed in somehow to incorporate into the watery environment in a way that marine’s life is neither disrupted nor influenced by its presence. The project is concerned with the design and motion control (speed and orientation) of a free swimming robot fish which can adjust its orientation to avoid obstacles, calculate the distance from its nearest obstacle and its speed could be controlled using a remote control. The performance of the robot fish estimated to be acceptable.