Staffing Management Project

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Hussien, Rami
Jadoo, Wisam
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Seeking a job is usually a waste of time and job seekers might spend a lot of time looking for a job but without finding the one that really fits with their skills. As a result, we’re going to build a system that will hopefully solve this problem and help job seekers to get a job they dream of. The features we’re going to implement include the interview arrangement system in which the company will be able to arrange interviews with applicants in a perfect and easy way as well as we will provide a real time notification system that will let the companies and applicants see every new update. The main goal of this project is to help those who are looking for a job to find a company to recruit them. By using our website, the job seekers won't have to waste their time searching for a job randomly. All they need to do is to register on our website which will match their skills with available jobs posted by companies in order to find them a job and notify them as soon as it's available. Also we provide a special system for companies to help them find the best employees with the most suitable skills for the required job. This is done by matching the required skills of the company with the applicant skills stored in our website. Moreover, we will provide the company with a complete list of applicants who have matching skills more than a specific percentage. Then the eligible applicants are chosen and notified for an interview. All related details, such as date and place, are arranged via our website and both sides can confirm them in order to make the whole process clearer between them. We will use Android studio to develop the mobile application, and combine resources for the website without special frameworks. First applicants need to sign up in our database using the website or the android app and fill a complete form with their skills and expertise. Then they will wait for our notifications if a suitable job is found. On the other hand, the company registers also to our system with certain considerations, such as the type of needed job, the specialty of the future, required skills needed by the job. The website will automatically choose the best matching applicants and give the results to the company and arrange the interview process. The interview details will be delivered to the applicant within minutes through the real time notification system we provide in our project.