Reconstruction and planning of destroyed villages in 1948

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Qasem, Asma'
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No one could deny the important historical event in the life of the Palestinian people, which led to the immigration of thousands of Palestinians and the destruction of more than 400 Palestinian villages and 20 cities. The main aim for the project is to get attention to a future and important stage in the life of the Palestinian people , in case of any major political change that led to the return of the refugees, which means pressure on the available services and disputes on the land and thus the inability to exploit the remaining advantages on our land, so planning for a future scenario (which mean the demise of the occupation) is important and a national duty for the preservation of land. The idea of the project is to plan for the reconstruction of the a village on its old site, which we have noticed is still vacant and can be reconstructed physically, starting with the analysis of the current location of the village and comparing its components with the old components and then calculating the needs of modern planning "planning takes into account the history and past of the village" and meets the modern needs for the population"" Thus, the area of the Old City will be special provisions because they do not actually exist but will be reconstructed to be usefull. The rest of the village areas are subject to special provisions that take into account the nature of the agricultural area in the provisions of construction and recoil. In the end, the basic and social services are distributed to the residential neighborhoods to achieve social justice and accessibility, ending with some developmental recommendations that may be useful in the village design process .