HLIP (Hope Land Agro-Industrial Park)

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Sana' Ali
Abeer BaniNimra
Esam Odeh
Ghadeer Sahib
Raja Hamad
There Zedan
Tariq ketaneh
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  Proceeding from the importance of manufacturing industry, specially food industry, to the national and local economy, also Palestine has special privacy and differ from the world because of the occupation, so it needs to develop and boost the economy which leads to the development of other sectors, furthermore establishing of agro-industrial parks is very important to promote agriculture and keep the land from israeli settlements expansion. So the establishment of an Agro-Industrial Park was chosen to be the subject of this graduation project. The project was a review of feasibility study on Agro-industrial park development in the Jordan River Rift Valley by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as a case study. After that the HLIP (Hope Land Agro-Industrial Park) was chosen as the core of this project, the project was divided into nine chapters, the first one is an introduction, the second is a literature review, the third one is the methodology, then the project justification and economic analysis is the fourth one, the fifth chapter is about the site and location analysis, after that is the infrastructure of JAIP as a case study in chapter six , the seventh was the infrastructure of HLIP , the eighth was about the Layout planning of HLIP and the last one is a conclusion and set of recommendations. The main objective of this project is not to draw an executive plan to be implemented in the meantime, but to highlight the potential for industrial development in this region on the long run, from an academic perspective and to create a strategic plan that can to diagnose the current situation and detect the obstacles and difficulties that will face such an idea that are present in the current situation. However, this project is not too hypothetical, because it can be implemented as soon as these obstacles have been overcome, study is to conduct a comprehensive planning process that could provide a framework for creating an industrial park in the northern parts of the west bank which are close to goods crossing points between the West Bank and israel and between the West Bank and abroad. This is a main factor that will contribute to the revival of the private sector, which is a priority to the Palestinian Authority.This industrial park will promote the north of West Bank industrial sector and create jobs, which - subsequently - will contribute to the emergence of a viable Palestinian State and to preserving cohesion and social peace, To build up an economic and social situation which help the investors to find appropriate environment for investment especially in Palestine, and to develop the human resources, and create new technology.   In "Project Justification and Economic Analysis" there is an analysis for the justification for establishing an Industrial Park in general and for Hope Land Agro Industrial Park. A case study (Jericho Agro_ Industrial Park) is taken to explain the economic effect of this project in the national economy, then we will explain the expected economy effect or economy impact from the new suggestion project in the northern West Bank.   In site analysis chapter we study all the factors that had influence in the selection of the location for the JAIP industrial park, and we will study the different aspects of effect of this site on the surrounding area. This chapter will address the following parts: critical factors of industrial location, Identification of possible sites for an Agro-Industrial Park in the West Bank, Sites Ranking Methodology, Ranking Results, JAIP (Jericho Agro Industrial Park) Site and HLIP (Hope Land Industrial Park) Site. An industrial estate represents the means that the developer uses to satisfy the needs of the individual industries in that park. The principle behind developing industrial estates is a combination of many scales, these scales include provision of services, regulation, planning control and environmental protection. First we will talk about the main critical factors for an industrial location Classified by scientists; these factors help the planners of the industrial parks to select the best location of the industrial parks, the main factors are:Transportation, Labor, Raw Materials, Markets, Industrial Site, Utilities, Government Attitude, Tax Structure, and Climate.   In HLIP infrastructure planning chapter the site selection of our project was studied, this site is located to the west of Nablus city, near Der-Sharaf town, furthermore in this section the study of the site location was browsed , also Off-site and On-site infrastructure, layout design and planning.   In the next chapterHLIP layout planning we discuss the benefits of a good layout plan in a project or site. Then we will demonstrate the methodology used in the design of this layout and will explain the different criteria considerations, aspects and concepts included in this layout design, afterwards, we will list all the items and facilities that were included in the layout plan, and then we will determine the final layout plan of the project and finally we will summarize the evaluation score that was given to this layout by experts in this field. The final chapter of the project is results and recommendations which summaries the main finding of this study  that includes the extent of the need to establish an industrail park in the  north of the West Bank, realizing the size of suffering that the owners of workshops and small factories went through in recent years, which was mainly due to the actions of the Israeli occupation such as the closures, invasions, destruction of infrastructure and restrictions on the marketing of industrial and agricultural products. Another factor is the presence of some Israeli settlements in the areas of the West Bank and many of them are industrial settlements, and that greatly affected the industrial sector and the Palestinian economy and negatively contributed to the increasing unemployment in the west bank.     These facts were the source of the idea of planning an Agro-Industrial park, to improve the industrial and agriculture realities in the West Bank, revitalize the Palestinian economy and contribute to the decreasing of the growing unemployment rates.