Assessment and Redesign for a vocational and technical Center

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Atatreh, Esraa
Al-Ahmad, Hala
Al-Sayed, Shaimaa
Zean Al-Dean, Shaimaa
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This project represents an integrated design for the Academy of Vocational and Technical Training in the Silat Al-Harithiya area in the city of Jenin in order to be a model for enhancing the culture of individuals and directing their views towards vocational training in society. Though the improvement in the demand for vocational education, there is still a brief view of this field of education. This is due to the social background in preferring academic education over vocational education, which has led to weakness in the fields of work, `industry and agriculture. Therefore, we were focused on vocational education and opened the way for those wishing to enroll in it. From here we came to the idea of designing a vocational training centre through which work would be made to accommodate the increasing numbers of students coming to it and dropping out of schools in order to establish it on scientific, architectural and environmental foundations. The building has been designed according to systems that reduce energy consumption, such as the use of some insulators and the exploitation of natural energy such as the sun and innovative systems. The design took into account people with special needs in terms of the width of the corridors and their way of accessing them, as well as the general safety requirements of the buildings. In regarding constructions, the appropriate structural system for this building has been determined and all problems resulting from the presence of some curves in the design of the building was solved. The mechanical part includes designing the elevators has been taken into account the needs of the building. For this project, the quantities and specifications have been calculated. In this project, hard work has been done to keep on compatibility between all the different systems to avoid any problems during the life of the facility to reduce maintenance and operating costs. The project methodology has been depended on research to bring the necessary standards, information and data, then understanding and comparing them, and then proposing the necessary amendments that raise the level of the project.