Villas of extended Palestinian family

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Lara Kamal Zuhd
Duaa Muhammed Toeme
Sahar Yaqoub
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  The needs of this project:Perhaps the urgent need to pursue the development of rapid technical in various construction industries, which are still witnessing a remarkable development progress of time and recent discoveries in the construction of human well-being. Taking into account the growing interest in environmental aspects including the design of green buildings resistant to earthquakes, according to the strategic planning for sustainable development. The principle of work       The principle of work of the project to link what we have learned in the Engineering Building practical reality, especially in the area of housing of an independent Palestinian.Since we have chosen the extended Palestinian family housing, this means the integration of internal and external to all components of the system.The project is a separate apartment buildings.  After giving an overview of the project, signed and Fragath, what we will do in this project is the integrated design of the project is what we will do the following:1. Study of the existing building and analysis of problems and proposed solutions2. Amendment to the architectural design of a building which has office Radwan engineering design, based on interviews with the owner of the building and building on what we have learned from the engineering construction.3. Seismic Structural Design: We will design all the blocks construction.4. Environmental Design and the relationship of the environment surrounding the building of the inconvenience and insolation and ventilation.5. Interior design systems in the project (mechanical systems, including heating and adaptation, sanitation and plumbing, electrical systems).Units in the next we'll show the process of designing all these systems.