Quantity Survey and Cost Estimate For Tulkarem Health Directorate

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Every engineer should have a very good experience in engineering management because it has essential part in planning and running every project, also it turns their design ideas into financially viable projects that create shareholder value for the companies they work for and it teaches them to design for commercialization and profitability. Project management is important because it ensures what is being delivered, is right, and will deliver real value against the business opportunity. In this report we will talk about the construction projects, the constrains that occurred, the relationship between the parties of the project (owner, consultant, and contractor) in addition to the types of the delivery systems and contracts, and about the main issues especially focusing on time and cost issues. In our graduation project we will recalculate the quantities and costs of the Tulkarem health directorate building project and compare them with the actual quantities, also to estimate the duration for this project and compare it with the actual duration. Check if there is a delay and cost overrun. This project is a Tulkarem health directorate building, the donor of this project is Italian development cooperation. It is about 2002.9 square meter total area, which consist of the ground floor and three floors, area of ground floor 483.9 square meter, first floor is 493 square meter, second and the third floor are 487 square meter and the staircase is 52 square meter. We will be using in this project mainly Revit software to calculate quantities, estimate cost, and Primavera p6 will be used for scheduling project. The main objectives of this project are: 1- Reviewing the main construction design plans and diagrams 2- Calculating quantities, costs and scheduling project time 3- Comparing the calculated time and cost with the actual ones from the contractor of the project. 4- Investigate the reasons for delay and cost overrun