Design of water network for Sabastia Village

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Mohammad Alzubiedi
Mohammad Nairat
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The aim of the project is to analyze the existing water distribution network in Sabastya village and based on the analysis to modify or design the network to meet the domestic and agricultural requirements for the next 30 years.  The tasks to be carried include analysis existing water network and ensure that the network supply water with acceptable standard when and where it is needed and re-design it if necessary.  Sabastia is a Palestinian village located 12 km north-west of Nablus city. It has an area of 5000 denims and a population of about 3200. It characterized by moderate climate, a climate of the Mediterranean basin.The source of the water in sabastia are haroon spring and athoroty of water there is 657 Water subscription in sabastia and the length of the network distribution 14KM
   30 . . 12 . 5000 3200. 657 14KM .