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Aseel Abu-Hasan
Kholoud Hason
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WEBRACEME is a marketplace website where seller and buyer can come together, allowing individuals to come on and sell their digital goods (such as Themes, html templates, and other different categories). WEBRACEME also handle all of the transactions between the buyers and sellers they represent. So, as a buyer you can create an account, deposit money (so it is cheaper to buy than paying directly), then buy the service of your choice. The main objective of the WEBRACEME is to help developers and website designers finding everything they may need while developing the website to make it more appealing.WEBRACEME contains customer and Admin, customers can go through WEBRACEME create an account, sing in and start browsing services. While admin can Create , Edit, view Details ,filter for service, item, sub item, products, screenshots, Audios, images ,countries and mange users and roles .what makes WEBRACEME differs from other website is having the feature of web services .Customer can buy a piece of API code so that he will be able to market our services on other website. WEBRACEME is developed using Asp.net technology.WEBRACEME is developed to provide the following services: 1. Enhance Business Processes: To be able to use the internet technology to project the WEBRACEME to the global world instead of limiting the services to the local domain alone, thus increase their return on investment (ROI).Also, allowing the valid customers to get the piece of API code to market our service after paying for it .This totally increases the ROI. 2. Online service buying: A tools through which customers can buy available service online.DOCUMNTATION SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING - APRIL 2014 73. Customers registration: A registration portal to hold customers details, monitor their transaction and used same to offer better and improve services to them.