Sho sayer

dc.contributor.advisorHussam eldin Najib Abdul- Halim
dc.contributor.authorBaraa deek
dc.contributor.authorMohammad Barhoush
dc.contributor.authorIbrahim salahat
dc.description.abstractAfter the huge expansion of the internet, and because of the invention of the social media websites, its pretty much risky for people to take the news or any knowledge content from different sources. Unreliable sources are increasingly expanding which makes it easy to our society to be such a fully rumors community.  Sho Sayer News System presents a way to keep Palestinians in touch with every moment happens in their life, by keeping them open to a huge library of reliable news. Also it brings them via their mobile and web interfaces with the latest and the most breaking news and situations without having to do any search or browse.   So by this system, the users will not spend their day looking for news agencies, popular newspapers or other media sources. Every confident and reliable content will be in one collection, and the system will feed the users with this content directly when all these kind of sources post a new news, this is totally done in such an automated way.en
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dc.titleSho sayeren
dc.titleSho sayerar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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