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Abu Salhia, Yazan
Abu Salhia, Rawan
Aghbar, Yazan
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OneTech” is a web-based system, that's designed specifically for E-commerce. The system provides services for 3 types of actors: Admin, buyer and seller, the system has many facility features for the three participating actors. The system designed to help people to manage the inside process of buying and selling the products for others in an easy way to reduce errors and consume time, review products and deal with it online. And most importantly System take care of making search convenient, effective and much easier. What makes us more special than others are that we have added a helpful and unique feature that is only available in large e-commerce website such as The observation a product, also compare with others. and other features like, the user get an Assurance from us about the seller, also the block feature in our site. Finally, the system is user friendly, helps clearly to search for products, see all offers.
e-commerce, buy ,sell, product