Oxygen Enriched Combustion Incinerator for Drugs and Solid fuel

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Saadeh, Alkhansaa
Al-Mur, Doha
Sawalha, Fatima
Jayousi, Rama
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Palestine is facing enormous problem of pharmaceutical solid waste for several reasons, the most important one is increasing the amount of solid waste without technical treatment such as dumping, open burning and depending on Israeli companies. A problem that deserves our attention to look for proper solution. The main objective of this project is to treat expired medicine by one stage incineration with charcoal, OEC technology were applied to raise the temperature and ensure complete combustion, to convert the waste to stable compound, applying this project has importance such as attractive method for waste disposal instead of the current methods. Completing to our graduation project, the data collection was the first step, which was a necessity to recognize the current condition and data related to the project. In addition, many modifications were done to the burner in order to fit our experimental needs to ensure applying the oxygen enriched combustion (OEC) technology by adding a pipeline of oxygen into a mixing point with the air and in the methodology section all of these modifications have been mentioned. The fuel is charcoal besides to charcoal that mixed with the expired medicine; O2 at different concentrations were applied which mixed with air (20%, 21%, 22%, 23%, 24%, and > 24%). The main variable in this experiment was O2 concentration in the intake air and the experiment included two stages the first one was burning of charcoal alone, the second was burning charcoal with expired drugs. In addition, the combustion analyzer was used to measure the burner