Traffic Management System- Based IOV

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Shanaah Malik
Abu Zeneh Tamer
Darwazeh Sarah
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The project demonstrates the effectiveness of VANET as the future of vehicular networking. The project is composed of two parts - the first part shows the communication properties between VANET neighbors, such as average number of neighbors at different lane densities, the number of neighbors a car can maintain and for how long and the second part demonstrates V2I and V2V communications graphically. The simulations were developed using python 3 along with matplotlib, numpy and scipy modules. The objective of this simulation project developed in Python is to explore implementation of a simple epidemic-based routing mechanism designed to support reliable message dissemination in vehicular ad-hoc networks. In this project, the simulation can be carried out under different mobility by adopting different distributions of vehicle speed and inter-vehicle space, which provides several typical traffic scenarios for studying the epidemic routing mechanism.