Efficiency of Palestinian International Arbitration Chamber (PIAC)

dc.contributor.advisorHussein Abu zant
dc.contributor.authorAnas Sabri
dc.contributor.authorAhmad Abed
dc.contributor.authorHamza Odeh
dc.contributor.authorObaida Qdaih
dc.description.abstractThis graduation project is to evaluate of the "Efficiency of Palestinian International Arbitration Chamber (PIAC)". Because of many suspended cases placed on the courts, the cases were existed in courts consumed a lot of waste time, the world goes for arbitration to break up conflicts between owner and contractor in order to reduce time and efforts. Therefore, PIAC must be in the ideal situation to accommodate its role. To achieve the mentioned objective, this project proceeds to evaluate the PIAC performance and compare it with the ideal "Arbitration International Chamber, and to recognize its current role to put suggestions and recommendations. This recommendation aims to improve the PIAC performance based on the evaluation of its efficiency.   To achieve the project objective, the methodology will be focused on the role of the International Chamber, to explain the role of this International Chamber and its system, to compare it with the Palestinian chamber (PIAC). Therefore, the following activities should be proceeded to achieve the research objective: Gathering data about the main roles and activities of the ideal International Chamber. Gathering data about the (PIAC) through publishers issued by PIAC, and interviews with PIAC representatives. Making a questionnaire to be distributed on the parties who needs to arbitration based on PIAC to assess its efficiency. Analyzing the questionnaire, and making a reasonable note to be handled by PIAC in order to improve its role and to be more efficient.    There are some of researches about arbitration, but these researches doesnt evaluate the efficiency of PIAC, hence there are no other applications to evaluate PIAC.en
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dc.titleEfficiency of Palestinian International Arbitration Chamber (PIAC)en
dc.titleEfficiency of Palestinian International Arbitration Chamber (PIAC)ar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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