Smart Water Pump Speed Controller

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Asmar, Mohammad
Aqhash, Ossaid
Nabulsi, Ehab
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Smart water pump speed controller project is a solution for low-pressure water network. In most of low-height buildings, the head of the water is not enough to produce a good pressure in the network, so the easiest solution is to add a water pump to increase the pressure in the network. However, this solution has some disadvantages. First, the water pump increases the pressure by a constant value at any flow rate, so with low flow rate, the pressure will be more then needed. Moreover, with high flow rate, the pressure will be less then needed. Second, the efficiency of the water pump will be very low. By adding a speed controller, the pressure in the network will kept constant. If the pressure increases due to reduction in flow rate, the controller will reduce the speed to reduce the pressure to its pre-specified value, also increases the speed to increase the pressure to its pre-specified value when the pressure decreases due to increasing in flow rate. The function that made this controller smart is this: To create a PI controller to any motor, its internal specifications are required. To obtain these specifications, some tests must be carried out. These tests considers running the water pump without water, and this will damage the pump. The solution is to run some water pumps in practice to collect data from them to use them to train an AI called Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The function of this intelligence is to estimate the specifications of any water pump that the ANN has not dealt with in training.