Water Network Analysis & Design of Ejnesenya

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Maqboul, Nayef
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Ejnesenya is a small village located in the northern west of Nablus city, between Assira AL-Shamaleya village and Sabastya village. Ejnesenya is really old and it still has some roman archeological artifacts. Ejnesenya resembles a small model of Nablus by being restricted by two mountains in the northern and southern part of the village, the village originally lies between the mountains but now it is expanding part by part to the mountains and Palestinians are now expanding to that part of Nablus, building new houses and compounds. Despite the fact that this village is small and has minor population (around 700 capita), it suffers a big infrastructural problem, an old drinking Water Network, that’s not modified to meet the demand the new houses in the area, and not serving some of the existing ones. Waste Water Network is nonexistent in that area. Therefore, it is decided that a new Water Network design is in need to help people reduce the cost of drinking water, and to fulfill a new design period for this network. This project will provide the stepping stone for the full design of this network. This project started by collecting data about Ejnesenya including Topographic map, water network map, population and their distribution and data regarding the old water network. A questionnaire was then developed to understand the reality of the situation in Ejnesenya and then it was analyzed and added to the collected data. Finally, by using AutoCAD, GIS (geographic information system) and WaterCAD, we defined the border of the study area, modeled the old network and defined all the elements needed for the analysis. This projects aims to help the people of Ejnesenya and the new areas around it to have a sustainable Water Network to make their life easier and less costly.