Integrated design for Nablus municipality building

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Mahamdeh, Sally
Rabaya, Abed Allateef
Salem, Saja
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The integrated between all engineering disciplines is very important to achieve comfort in buildings, based on the development of the performance function for this building. This project is a proposed project by architecture students. The reason for choosing this project Because of its importance in establishing important meetings for the city. And its great impact on the provision of services, works and engineering works that benefit the city. That is a challenge in building an integrated building including environmentally, architecturally or constructively and there is another is the importance of taking into account the choices of paces within design and that there must be relationship between the spaces in the building to take into account the comfort of people inside the building. The main objective of this project lies in the integrated design for the project and zero energy building by the environmental designer to achieve an environmentally friendly project, and will be analyzed and integrate the design of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and environmental will be included where all weaknesses and problems of the building, checking of the building and considering the employees notes and opinions to find the best solution for the problems. From the steps that we will accomplish in this project in several phases during the academic year 2020/2021. Firstly, research phase that includes assessment and analysis of the plan before modification, site, determine defects in plan, making comparison, modification, data collection by using software simulation for architecture such as REVIT and DESIGHN BUILDER program and using software simulation for construction such as ETAB and SAFE program. Secondly, redesign phase, which aims to address the design that includes plans before modification based on simulation programs and information collected in the first phase.Third,worked in the structural, acoustic , hvac,mechanical,electrical, lighting, and costing estimate in a comprehensive manner.Finally,all detailed plans have been created in all engineering aspects according to the results obtained. This project is not applied to reality, but it is supposed to be designed inside in Nablus – Yaffa Street.