Delta Shopping

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Kiwan, Raslan
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This project is a web and mobile application for online shopping and hotel reservation. Users are able buy stuff that other people offer through the application. In addition, they can reserve a room in a hotel in a country they wish to visit. The application will provide registration and login pages. After the user is logged in, he is redirected to homepage where he can access the shopping site or the reservation site. In the shopping site, the user can add an item which he wishes to sell, providing the needed information and description, as well as price. He can also search for items he wishes to buy using a search engine. When the user adds an item to his shopping list, it will appear in his cart and there he can confirm the purchase using his credit card credentials and address information. The site also provides a tracking system for the purchased items. The buyer will receive instantaneous notification of the state of his items and where it is right now, and the estimated time remaining until it reaches his address. The hotel reservation site provides the user all the available hotels in the city he is visiting. He will get the available rooms and the pricing for each one. Furthermore, he will get all the important shops, building and other important locations near that hotel, with a map to the hotel when he lands in the city. We will use modern techniques in building the application. For the mobile application we will use React-Native framework in order to get a cross-platform app. For the website we will use PHP with Laravel framework for back-end development. We will use Firebase as database for both the website and mobile application. There are many online shopping applications like Amazon, eBay and others. Also, there are many hotel reservation applications such as Yamsafer and others. What really distinguishes our app is that it combines both features, with the ability to add many other services and platforms.