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Khalil, Amjad
Zaidan, Karmel
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In this project, we developed a massive multiplayer open world domination mobile game in which players compete in dominating areas in virtual reality, in the sense that the areas resemble real world ones and the players use their GPS location in the real world to locate themselves in the game world. The players will get a chance to compete with each other in a virtual map exactly like the real map of their city or neighborhood with no special equipment and cheaply by using their smartphones. The game has the potential to be economically profitable by deploying the game initially in Nablus, then expanding the game's market to other countries. We used blender to design 3D-Maps with details, then exported these maps into Unity in order to add some rigid bodies, events and to control the effects of the game using C sharp language scripts. After that, GPS has been used in order to link the virtual map with the real map on the smartphones. This project had not been done before because we added some features to our game like shooting and territory domination, but there is still some similar games that used 2D-Maps with the augmented reality. We used several tools for designing and developing GeoDom game such as Unity Game Engine, Blender, Open Street Maps, SQLite manager and OSM2World.