Static & Dynamic Analysis for Cultural Beta center

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Jalal Mohamad Abo Shaqdam
Basel Simon Saadeh
Bader Najem Aldein Breik
Basem Salah Jadallah
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Beta cultural center is our proposed graduation project. We chose this project because it is useful for the historical culture as an educational. This center is to be constructed in Beta village east of Nablus city and is designed by (AL-AMEED architects and engineer). And the Palestinian Ministry of Culture finances the center project. The aim of this project is analysis and evaluation the building, which includes the static study and dynamic study in 3-dimentions.  We choose this project due to the diversity of the engineering systems used in it such as, One-Way solid slab in the stadium with drop beams, One-Way ribbed slab in the general building, Two-Way ribbed slab in the cafeteria and Two-Way waffle slab in the meeting room with museum, in addition to relatively large spans extended in it. Our objective from this project is to design and analyze the structure through applying the principles of analysis and design that we had studied during our previous years in the college of engineering. The methodology we will follow includes hand calculation methods accompanied with use of structure analysis program (SAP 2000). This program is very common in our region and it has been proven that it provides accurate results for analysis and design of structure. Hand calculation and computer analysis and design will go together double-check our results.