Soil Improvement by Used burned Car Oil

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Ameer Adarbeh
Feras Khalid
Husein Shraim
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Every man-made civil engineering structure is found on, in or with ground. We can control to design every item that goes into our structure, such as concrete, reinforcement, bricks and even the last wall plug. However, the ground below on which this structure will stand is not man-made. We usually have less knowledge about it and we undoubtedly cannot design or control its behavior. The ground below will determine the economies of how tall, how heavy, how safe the final structure is going to be and not the other way round. In short, the safety and economics of every civil engineering structure is influenced by the properties of the ground on which this structure will stand. To get the best result and ensure the safety of the building, in most cases we need to improve the soil under buildings. This project will review, discuss and suggest soil improvement technique(s) to improve the properties and parameters of different local soil type that will have problems when building foundations or other ground structures. Next semester this project will continue in soil improvement by adopting proper techniques for improving local soil types that may cause problems to foundation and ground structures.