Record & Repeat Robotic Arm

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Al Saed, Zaina
Mahamdah, Nada
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Nowadays, technology is developing in parallel with rapidly increasing human needs. The new advancements done to meet such needs makes life easier every day and this Project suggests a very efficient solution in many applications especially that it could quickly and easily be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks as educational purposes, or industrial fields as it allows to streamline the production process dramatically instead of having the machine constantly monitored as before. This frees up valuable resources to add value to other stages in the production by taking on multiple tasks, it also also helps to prevent employee injury as the robot handles small, sharp pieces that can cause accidents when handled improperly. This hardware module is built as a two-mode programmable arm: First one is the record and play mode that records the steps that it should perform according to a Bluetooth-mounted remote control that communicates with the robotic arm, it can also be controlled by a Bluetooth-Connected Mobile application with a set of possible moves, record, reset and play options are definitely available in the Application. The second mode is the dynamic automatic-detection one, that depends on a sharp sensor that detects the object dynamically within a specific range and performs some operations on the object.