Foundation System Analysis and Design of Alawneh Building

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Ahmad Bustami
Osama Al-Zayed
Osayd Abu Diak
Amir Thabet
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The main idea of this study is to provide detailed and collective information about types of foundation, there advantages and disadvantages, suitable conditions and design the case study construction. The idea of this graduation project is to select and design the most suitable foundation system for Alawneh building, this structure is a residential building with 7 floors. Geotechnical report of site shows that the soil is weak and has low bearing capacity, so improvements to the soil with base course and rockfill are needed, according to this the new properties and bearing capacity of soil will be determined and then select the best type of foundation. Finally, a suitable foundation system will be selected and designed according to specifications, all foundation details like (thickness, size, ….etc.) will be prepared.