Mixeed-Use Building

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Mixed-use buildings are a mix of residential, commercial and cultural buildings, which variey from a single building project to an entire neighborhood, where they are usually developed to suit the needs of the chosen site for this type of projects and also with the demographics of the area. This type of project attracts different age groups, as the elderly enjoy comfort in the presence of shops, restaurants and various services close to them , in addition to the importance of the proximity of the site and the availability of various rents at a moderate cost, ease of services and periodic maintenance for such projects and the diversity of facilities and their proximity. The proposed project is a mixed-use building, containing three main parts: the commercial section, offices, and residential apartments. The proposed project is located in the city of Jenin in the north, on the road between Jenin and the village of Al-Jalama, which ends with the Al-Jalama barrier that separates Jenin from the occupied Palestine. The site of the project is considered as easy to reach for the residents of the city itself, as well as for the residents of the neighboring villages along the bypass area close to the site that represents the northeastern villages, in addition to attracting our people inside the occupied Palestine because the site is on the main street that they take after crossing the checkpoint on their way to Jenin.