Tourist Management System

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Arar, Azza Ziad
Obead, Aya Majed
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Palestine Tourist Guide system is an android application ,the main goal of this application is to support the tourism sector in Palestine ,So it contain all touristic, religious places, tourist offices, restaurants and hotelurist and facilitate for tourist office to publicate their tours, on other side , facilitate for customer to search about tours and booking on it This application provide services for two type of users (customer ,tourist office) this application is facilitate user when decide to go to particular place (religious, archaeological, entertaining, hotels and restaurants) by provide full information about it, present picture for places and entirely description about the place. Also users can track travel routes via GPS. this application has an effective search engine that helps any user to search for the places and show image, information and description about place .In addition the system have a map that's detect user location . The application has a recommendation system that enable user to know the near places that maybe visit it. On the other hand, tourist offices can enter the information of the journeys that organized, and the offers that provide, so the user can easily see and interact with it and can book to tours and payment via application So the user knows the place before he/she go to it and in this way the user will be more comfortable in his/her tours
Tours , Map , Booking , Paths , Tourist office , tracking