An Integration Design for A Wedding Hall

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Fattouh, Anan
Shalhoub, Bahaa
Qtait, Haya
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This project is a wedding hall. The wedding hall is one of the necessary buildings in our communities, because it provides many functions, and people are looking for the most suitable building in terms of services and comfort. Therefore, this project is a wedding hall design that provides distinctive services and achieve people's needs. This project has been studied over two semesters 2019/2020. The first semester will includes: research phase, evaluating the architectural design and compare it with standards and specifications, site analysis, and an extensive case study for a similar building. Finally, an appropriate structural system was chosen and designed according it. The Second semester consists mainly of the design phase, which includes MEP (mechanical plumping, electrical plumping), and complete structural design, using scientific references and computer software, like: Revit, Design builder, Ecotect, Dialux, and Etabs. The aim of this project is to study the design of the wedding halls in an integrated manner from the architectural, structural, environmental, electrical and mechanical designs. There are a lot of wedding halls in Nablus, but this project is distinguishes by taking the care of environmental aspect, while not forgetting the construction challenge on the other hand