Foundation Design of Law and Media College

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Aya Waleed Odeh
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The Faculty of Law and Media is located in An-Najah National University in Nablus, which is established to solve the problem of crowding in the College of Arts and to improve the academic ability of the university with high standards, which in turn will contribute in the prosperity of the university in the long term. This faculty which is built and recently opened, consists of 7 floors with a total area of (660) m2. In graduation project II we choose this structure to design foundation using SAFE program and AutoCAD will be used to draw sections and details. Dead loads and live loads on columns and shear wall were calculated using ETABS program. This project consist of six chapters, Chapter One is a general introduction and site description, then requirements for foundation design, types of foundation, bearing capacity and settlement are presented in Chapter Two. Chapter Three presents site investigation of soil for the proposed location.  The structural system for the building is described in Chapter Four. In Chapter Five shows the design of three foundation systems: single footing with tie beams, hollow mat foundation and mat foundation using bearing capacity of the soil equal 300 kN/m2. Finally Chapter Six summarizes the comparison between the three foundation systems that designed in this project to select the most appropriate one. 
.   7 (660) 2. SAFE    . ETABS. . . . 300 / M2. .