Technology has advanced and continues to improve since the dawn of time, especially printing and drawing machines. This technology is essential for the smooth manufacturing of items in industry. Without this technology, the industry’s production will be slow, and the quality is likely to be poor. Recent advances in printing technology will help solve this problem by making it easier for consumers to make high quality items. With minimal effort and time. The drawing machine is an artistic robot that can draw on cylindrical objects. It can print numbers, logos, production dates, expiration dates, and QR codes on special cylinder-shaped products. It speeds up the product drawing process and saves time. It can also be used in an entertaining way for children by drawing drawings on cylinders and then using them to play. In this project, we will make a machine that draws on a cylindrical surface that moves in a circular motion using the stepper motor, and the pen draws on the circular surface when moving it left and right by the stepper motor and moves up and downs using the servo motor