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Raghad Nedal Shehadeh
Zaina Rami Zaben
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During the last decade, the trend of buying and selling items online has gained huge popularity among people, especially teenagers. This trend makes people’s lives easier and saves them time and money. It has been noticed that university students purchase many items each semester including study materials like books, slides, and different components for their projects, and even more furniture for their university dorm. In addition, they spent so much time looking for a good dorm to rent. However, since students’ needs change every semester, they find themselves with unwanted items. Therefore, they usually search for other students to take the items that they do not need anymore. Traditionally, students use platforms like Facebook to conduct these searches. However, their posts often get lost among huge other unrelated posts, making it even harder to achieve their goals. In order to try to solve this issue, we are considering the development of a mobile application called Uni-Trade designed especially for university students. Uni-Trade would provide a platform for students to sell their unwanted items to fellow students, creating a beneficial exchange within the university community. In Uni-Trade, users either list items they want to sell, and for each item, they are required to upload at least one photo, or they can browse the platform seeking products to buy from different sellers by initiating a chat with the product owner. Additionally, an administrator oversees all aspects of the application. They have the authority to introduce various services aimed at improving students' lives. For instance, they can collaborate with local restaurants to offer food delivery services tailored to students' GPS locations, enhancing convenience and accessibility. To enhance reliability within the platform, every user should have a dedicated profile along with a rating system. This way, users can build trust and confidence in their interactions. Profiles provide essential information about each user, while the rating system allows others to provide feedback and assessments based on their experiences. This combination of profiles and ratings helps create a more secure community within the Uni-Trade application. After conducting research, it has been found that similar platforms exist and have been implemented, allowing anyone to exchange items. However, our primary aim is to create a platform exclusively designed for University students. This approach aims to enhance communication among university students making their lives easier and more connected within their specific community.